Club Pet is always interested in finding safe, caring, loving homes for boarding of pets. If you would enjoy & cherish the occasional companionship of a loving pet, in your own home, while earning extra income, then Club Pet might be just for you. Our typical guest home is a responsible individual, couple or family that love animals and understand and appreciate a pet's needs.

Club Pet provides a unique alternative to kennels and pet sitting services. We offer boarding services by matching our client's pet to one of our carefully screened, private guest homes. We conduct an extensive interview with the pet owner, to assess the pet's needs, likes and dislikes. The information is analyzed and cross checked with the data from our list of guest homes. The pet is then placed in a guest home that closely resembles the pet's regular home and lifestyle.  Club Pet will deliver the pet to the guest home, along with the pet's food, treats, bed and any other supplies (there is no cost to the guest home). The guest home provides the same comforts of home in a caring and loving environment.  Club Pet has been providing this great service since July, 1995 and we're growing. That's where you come in...

Once we've established that your home would be a good match for a pet, we then contact you. We give you a brief description of the pet and the period that the pet needs to be boarded (the average stay is about a week). You may or may not choose to board the pet, the decision is entirely up to you. It is a very flexible arrangement that revolves around your schedule. We have guest homes that board pets once in a while and we have guest homes that board pets on a regular basis. Again, you make that determination, no one else.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us at 613-567-8842, we would love to hear from you.Type your paragraph here.

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